jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2014

Creating happiness

Robin Williams as Patch Adams, commonly known as 'Dr. Laugh'

All the times I have gone to the hospital, my body trembles a bit to see so many people stuck in a cold, sterile room, no people around them with whom to share their time, whether happy or sad. It makes me wonder:  how would I feel in that situation? Obviously lonely, bored, specially distressed and saddened. In today's society, both elderly and patients are treated with contempt because they are considered a burden or inconvenience, but we do not consider that if we showed interest in helping these people, they would benefit us too. I mean, being volunteer in hospital and visiting older people makes you feel fulfilled, and it is something we should do all.

Let see the good we can offer and we can receive. First of all, your presence helps them improving their health. It is commonly known that loneliness and sadness by the last one have detrimental effects on the health of a person, so that interaction with other people is always nice. In case of visiting people with hard illnesses, relationships are always good and healthy for them. Moreover, speaking about the elderly, it is a fact that they get better while doing activities and talking with other people, especially younger ones, since his youth and vitality helps them want to continue enjoying life. To continue, another reason why it is a great time visiting the sick and elderly is lack of workers. Sometimes, there are not enough people who can stay with the insanes, especially in Spain, so it is also good for the institution and for the patients, of course; otherwise, if we speak about old people, nowadays they are considered as an obstacle for the society and nobody wants to stay with them. You probably know the news about people who have attacked the elderly residences, either by economic interest or sheer madness: we can not let our seniors at the mercy of these dangers. Finally, helping selflessly is a benefit for yourself too because it makes you feel better. It has been demostrated that helping people for free makes you feel fulfilled and happier, and in addition, people who have been helped by you may contribute in your life somehow, with their experiences and advices.

The present is ours and we can improve it for the next generations. Helping needed people is an awesome way to do that, and it does not make only the world better for other, but also for ourself, making us feel fulfilled and better people.

Here is the trailer of 'Patch Adams', a film that tells the story of Hunter Doherty "Patch" Adams, a man who broke the rules of his time and revolutionized the world of medicine and therapy with patients: