sábado, 17 de enero de 2015

Diet to become a humdrum

As a teenager, I am often surrounded by friends who are always talking about how much weight they have lost that week or whether one of them is thinner than the other. In which moment did the younger prefer to starve in order to delight other people, maybe they even do not know? 

This behavior has appeared this century due to the ignorance of teenagers and the power of publicity, which has an enormous influence on their minds. Personally speaking, I really hate to hear all the time "I am not thin enough", "I must lose more weight", or "darling, do I seem to be prettier like this?". Unfortunately, that lack of self-confidence is used as an advantage by modal designers and publicity companies to become richer and more powerful, and it must be stopped. If this continues. in a nearly future there will be skeletons wearing clothes through the streets, and this will be considered as good.

Obviously, I am against it because it is the main cause of anorexia and bulimia nowadays, and also a big problem that will have to be faced by next generations, unless it is stopped now. Moreover, one of the things that makes me worried about is why my generation agree with this sexist and dangerous attempt against people's health. Centuries ago, the type of women which was loved and prefered by most people was the dumpy one: female body full of curves and volume, nice to people's sight, which was a sighn of being healthy and beautiful. By contrast, now this appearance is considered ugly, nasty of even old-fashioned. 

It is better to have a big body while being healthy, instead of a thin and horrible body being ill and vulnerable. For that reason, teenagers must have other worries more important than physical appearance or be what other people expect them to, as they have their whole life to spend, and such a silly thing is a waste of time. 

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