lunes, 29 de septiembre de 2014

Dinner at a Japanese

Last Thursday, two friends and I went to a Japanese restaurant. We love both Japanese culture and food so we were very excited and ordered a lot of food. First, we ate three delights rice, noodles, sweet-sour chicken and veal. Eating all that food with the chopsticks was so great !   

We couldn't leave that place without tasting the famous sushi and sashimi, so here they are. Sushi was accompanied by a kind of very hot sauce (that green thing), but it was quite delicious. All three of us ended with our stomach ready to explode (>-<) 

I hope someday I can go to a Japanese ramen shop, such as in animes and movies ^^

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  1. Where is this Japanese restaurant? I love Asian food too. Used to eat a lot of sushi, ramen and stuff like that when I lived in London.

    1. Oh, really ?! That's so cool ^_^ Japanese restaurant is close to the language school. If you are at the school gate, you turn left and go straight few meters. Its name is 'Tokyo Restaurant'. Thank you very much for commenting on my posts ! :3

  2. Respuestas
    1. Yes, I did ^^ Well, I often use them, especially when I eat noodles (ramen) or rice ;D