domingo, 5 de octubre de 2014

Festivities in my town

I am from a small town named Bullas, northwest of Murcia. It is specially known for the production of high quality wine, and as in all parts of the world, people are deeply rooted in their traditions. One of these traditions are festivities, which are held every year on the first weekend of October in honor of the patron saint of the town.

There is folk music, a fairground, and also a whole street full of stalls with food, clothes, toys, accessories... In addition, one of the most famous traditions is the 'Diana', which consists of eggs and flour thrown at each other while walking around the town. It's very funny !

In Bullas, the Friday night all families gather together to eat crumbs. Crumbs is a very typical dish here, the ingredients are: flour, salt, water, olive oil, and pork or fish. They taste so good, although your stomach fills up fast. I ate crumbs with all my friends and had so much fun !

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  1. I have been to Bullas today. My grandfather, my uncle, his wife, my cousins and some good friends live there.

    1. Are you kidding ? That is cool ! I hope you enjoyed here ^_^