jueves, 9 de octubre de 2014

My favourite place

One reason that I like to learn languages is the fact of being able to travel to many different places and meet a myriad of cultures. I have never been at other countries, so I'm looking forward to putting my feet on another floor that is not of my apartment. The good thing about I like English is that wherever I go, I would get by with my level... I think (# ̄ω ̄)

If I was given to choose, the first place I'd want to visit is Ireland. Despite the fact that I've never been there, it is such a wonderful place. The whole country is covered by the green, as if it hadn't been trodden by man. Although there are industrialized cities like in any other country, in Ireland the nature has been kept with all its beauty. There's so much things to see on this amazing country: in Dublin, you can participate on the Gaelic Games, which introduce visiting groups to Ireland’s greatest cultural secret and most popular sports; you can also visit famous Westport houses and gardens, with a guide. The irish people is straightforward, modest, outgoing, similar to the people of my country, so in my case it would be very fun to make friends there. I can not die without have been to Ireland.

If you are interested in Ireland too, and want to pack up and move to one of the nicest and most welcoming countries in Europe, here I put a video to know everything you can do there:

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