miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014

Gore genre

People are usually afraid of corpses, skeletons, blood, bodies being cut in parts, because these are uncomfortable scenes. However, personally speaking all these things are really interesting. Every weekend, a friend and I love to meet and decide where we would like to watch horror and creepy films, her house or mine. Of course, I know that common teens should go out with other friends or go shopping, which I do; even so, my friend and I really like gore, so we do not mind people's opinion. While most young people go to the cinema, meet each other to drink a lot or waste money on clothes, few friends and I look forward to choosing what is the best horror film produced until now, and watch it. It is funny when I tell my mother about bloody films, because she stares at me with a concerned face and says "are you crazy?", but that is the point of the attractive of the world: a lot of people, a lot of tastes and preferences. If there were not people who liked this kind of films, gore would not exist as a genre. Blood, corpses ad fear are part of us, of our life, so we must get used to them unless we want to be frightened the rest of our life.

If you have curiosity about gore, here I posted few trailers of gore films (most are a bit old, but the point is to see blood):

The Wizard of Gore

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Hills Have Eyes

Dead Alive

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  1. That's soooo scary, Charuito!

    By the way, I might have forgotten to correct this:
    * the BEST horror film produced until now

    : -)

    Thank you for sharing!!

  2. You're starting to scare me... Un día me cortas en pedacitos solo por divertirte o algo...