lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2014

How to prevent animal cruelty

Cruelty to animals is an unpleasant but real problem that is currently in effect. Many dogs are plagued with illnesses like kidney or heart disease as a result of the conditions they’re kept in. Each year, thousands of young and healthy greyhounds are killed because they lack racing potential or have been injured while racing and are no longer competitive. Due to genetic manipulation, 90% of broiler chickens (chicken bred specifically for meat production) have trouble walking. More than 50% the fur in the United States comes from China, where there are no penalties for abusing animals, which are raised in unbearably cramped and run-down cages on fur farms. All these are examples that occur today, and could continue to telling more, but my intention is to tell potential solutions to this problem.

Since the largest number of major abuses is produced by large companies or illegal markets, the first option at hand is to report these cases. If justice function as it should, the abuse would stop after complaints; however, many organizations in animal welfare have tried without getting results, thus reporting is not as effective as we would like. Even hearing this, the cause is not lost ! As a common citizen, you can still work to protect animals in your own enviroment doing things that are within your reach. For example, you could save dozens of animals lives by donating to shelter money, your home and/ or wild life sanctuary. It does not even have to be for local shelter, you can donate to the animal shelters all over. Make sure that you only support clean, honest shelters. Another way to prevent animal cruelty is to avoid using products unless they specifically say that they were not tested on animals. Over 100 million animals are killed each year for chemical, drug, food, and cosmetics testing. Without animals, the balance of the world would be harmed harming humans, mostly, so it is time to move !

If you are interested in this topic, here are some pages about organizations in defense of animals, they can tell you how you can help further.

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