miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2014

Manga 2014

The last weekend I went to Manga held Friday, Saturday and Sunday, where all the geeks of Murcia and exterior, including me, attended. A Manga or Anime Convention is an event or gathering with a primary focus on anime, manga and Japanese culture. Commonly, anime conventions are multi-day events hosted at convention centers, hotels or college campuses. They feature a wide variety of activities and panels, with a larger number of attendees participating in cosplay than most other types of fan conventions. Anime conventions are also used as a vehicle for industry, in which studios, distributors, and publishers represent their anime related releases. 
Anime conventions have long and varied worldwide history. The original Comiket, mostly based on fan published manga called dōjinshi, started in 1975 with around 700 people in Tokyo. The Comiket of today see several hundred thousand people, showing the lasting popularity of the medium in its home country. Other Japanese anime conventions are arms of or heavily sponsored by certain studios or publishing companies and are used as platforms for new releases, such as Jump Festa. The main reason I love going every year is because I meet many people who share my interests in Japanese culture, anime and manga, and also the amount of activities you can do: cosplay competitions, karaoke, dancing, drawing, workshops of any kind, video game competitions, lectures on Japanese history, culture, and others. Unfortunately, in my hometown there're no conventions or specialty stores in these matters, so every year I'm hoping November to go to this event and enjoy there with all my friends.
Few friends and I attending karaoke contest
Here I post a video about Manga in Murcia this year, hope you like it (^_^)

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