lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2014

Lonely and dependent beings

This morning on the bus, while making a stop before reaching Murcia, I had a reflection about the human being after seeing a dog through the window. His owner had entered the station cafe, and the dog sat facing the door, looking through the glass how the owner took a coffee. If the dog did not have affection and dependence on his owner, might well have escaped instead of remaining outside sitting; however, the dog was there, staring at his master and waiting patiently until he was over breakfast. At first glance, it may not seem like something that is interesting, there are dogs with their owner everywhere, but what I find fascinating is the look with which the dog was waiting for his owner, as if his life depended on being with him. After spending several minutes sitting looking out the window, the dog lay beside the door until the man come out, stroked him and left together.

Since we are born until we die, people interact with others every one of our days. Sometimes we do it because we have no choice (money, work, ...), but most of the time we do it because we need others and avoid loneliness: we like to share our opinions and experiences with people around us and have fun with them, all that makes us feel alive. Therefore, the human being is dependent on others and cannot live without communicating with his kind, like the dog that I mentioned earlier depended on his owner, not only for food but also for coexistence and love that they give each other. 

Otherwise, not all people admit that social need in the same way. There are people who prefer not to relate to other people, who prefer solitude and individuality. Wanting to be alone is normal, either by certain circunstances or because of the character; however, nature is wise and warns about the offensiveness of this way of being. It is shown that loneliness produces harmful effects on health: have comorbidities such as depression, stress, anxiety and lack of self-esteem. In 2006, research conducted with 2,800 women with breast cancer suggested that those patients who saw little family and friends were up to five times more likely to die than those with a more active social life. Our own body asks us to be with and depend on others, so if you're a loner, turn off the computer and go with your family or go outside to enjoy the people!

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